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PJ Fleck and Minnesota appear to have found a creative recruiting loophole

Late last week, PJ Fleck tweeted out a video from one of their recent recruiting camps. For many it was just a highlight video, but for some others it caught their eye for another reason.

Here is the video and Fleck's tweet.

A couple ELITE camps in the books, excited to see more ELITE prospects in our next few!! Make sure you sign up! #RTB

— P.J. Fleck (@Coach_Fleck) June 8, 2017

According to NCAA rules, schools aren't allowed to post videos of prospective student athletes for recruiting purposes. 247 pointed out that a number of school reported Fleck and Minnesota for recruiting violations related to the video that clearly shows recruits.

However, Minnesota appears to have uncovered an interesting loophole, according to 247.

Fleck is using the video as an advertisement for Minnesota's camps, which is allowed per NCAA rules: "It is permissible to post a photograph or video of a prospective student-athlete taken during the normal course of camp of clinic activities within permissible camp or clinic information and advertisements," the interpretation reads.

As you and your staff are out working camps and evaluating prospects, that loophole might come in handy.

Head here to read the full article, with more insight, from 247.