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PJ Fleck will be doing his best Top Gun impression later today in an F-16 jet

Later today, Western Michigan head coach PJ Fleck will be crawling into a fighter jet to take the skies with the US Air Force Thunderbirds at the Battle Creek Field of Flight airshow in southern Michigan.

According to WWMT, Fleck will "receive about 3 1/2 hours of flight training and prep for the flight, before climbing into an F-16 Thursday night at 5:30 for about a 45 minute flight."

The Thunderbirds asked Fleck to join the flight, and it was the perfect opportunity for him to promote the gROW h16her campaign that the Broncos are taking into the 2016 season.

In true Western Michigan fashion, the program put together a graphic to commemorate the occasion.


Fleck joins the likes of Gerard Butler, Josh Duhamel, and Champ Bailey as celebrities that have joined the Thunderbirds in flight.

See more on the Thunderbirds, including some interesting history on the group, in the video below.