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Place your bets: The Harbaugh brothers, the Ryan twins or the Gruden brothers?

One of the things that I truly enjoy while covering coaches and their press conferences is when a reporter or journalist steps outside-the-box and asks a question that requires some real reflection and thought instead of the canned answer that so often gets regurgitated over and over again.

Well that's exactly what a journalist asked Ravens head coach John Harbaugh yesterday, asking who would win in a cage fight of football's famous brothers, and it should come as no surprise where he placed his bet.

The question becomes even more interesting considering that the Ryan brothers got into a minor tussle last weekend in a Nashville bar.

My personal opinion? I'm all-in with the Harbaughs as well. Jim and John would attack each fight with an "enthusiasm unknown to mankind" and then after defeating both the Ryans and the Grudens (probably by finding some loophole in the rules) they'd triumphantly declare "WHO'S GOT IT BETTER THAN US?"

Of course, everyone lucky enough to witness the cage match would enthusiastically respond, "NOOOOOBODY," while the Harbaugh's quenched their thirst on whole milk before eventually jumping in an ice bath of whole milk to help their bodies recover.

Yeah. That's how I see that situation playing out exactly.

Head over to SB Nation if you'd like to read their very entertaining blow-by-blow breakdown of how each match would play out.