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A player's description of a play brings his coach to tears

Jason Witten retired from the NFL last week, but the NFL tweeted out a video from his outgoing press conference that I hadn't yet seen and wanted to share with you.

It's a video of Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett sharing a memory from training camp in 2015, when Witten walked the entire team through his 21-yard reception on a 4th-and-6 in the fourth quarter of a playoff game against the Detroit Lions the previous January.

As Garrett explains, Witten made the catch, but it's not as simple as him just making a catch. He made that specific catch because he'd built up an expertise over thousands and thousands and thousands of reps in that particular play over a decade-plus career, and he made that catch because his 10 teammates all did their jobs on that play.

Garrett's recollection of Witten's explanation is football at its purest essence.