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Video: "The greatest gift anyone can give you is their respect" and the transformation a year can have on a strength program

Heading into the 2016 season, ULL head coach Mark Hudspeth made a change at the top of his strength staff and brought in Lew Caralla, who spent the 2015 season as the director of strength and conditioning at North Texas and had previous stops as an assistant strength coach at Michigan, Mississippi State and Georgia Tech.

Now entering his second off season leading the Ragin' Cajuns, Caralla and a handful of players talk about the change in approach, mindset, and familiarity that took place from year one to year two in Lafayette, and what continuity in the strength program can mean to players.

The approach from last year to year two is vastly different, and it's because of the groundwork and foundation that was laid that first year.

"Last year, when I got here, it was more of an earn the kids respect phase, and let them know what I want," Caralla notes. "It's pretty well said that the greatest gift that anyone can give you is their respect. I feel like that was a year long process and I feel like that happened."

One thing remains unchanged from the first workout to where they are now, and that's the energy Caralla brings to each and every workout.

"He brought a lot of energy, a lot of fun. He made workouts way more exciting," one player notes in the video.

With the respect phase in the rearview mirror, players now feel like they can focus on the work itself because they understand the expectations.

"Now we're here. We know what to expect from him, and we know the energy that he gives off. It's more familiar now, so you can work harder," one player explains, while another adds "I feel like we can work with a purpose now."

Check out the full clip with more from players, and coach Carralla.