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Players will now be allowed to transfer without permission from their coach / school

In an effort to bring transparency and drive open conversation between student athletes and coaches, the DI Council has decided to adopt a new proposal, the NCAA announced today.

Starting in October, Division I student athletes will have the ability to transfer and receive a scholarship at another school without asking having to ask their current school or coach for permission.

In addition, in the event that a school "tampers" with a current student athlete at another school has been added to a list of potential Level 2 violations, making it a more serious offense.

From the release:

The rule change ends the controversial practice in which some coaches or administrators would prevent students from having contact with specific schools. Conferences, however, still can make rules that are more restrictive than the national rule.

The days of Coach X restricting a player from transferring to another specific school, citing internet outrage about how coaches can leave but players can't are numbered, unless a conference steps in with rules of their own.

One thing isn't clear from the NCAA release though...

The rule change will take effect October 15th.

Head to the NCAA release to read more.