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PODCAST: Episode 0 - The Intro

In the first episode of the FootballScoop weekly podcast, we wanted to take some time to allow everyone to get to know Scott, Zach and I a little better.

Last week we gave some insight into what the format of the weekly podcast moving forward will look like.

Also included is a teaser for next week's episode that will be the first to feature the new format where Scott will provide a run down of the latest events in the coaching community as well as what we're hearing about some of the top open jobs, Zach will tackle the first episode of The Press Box featuring where he sits down with a newly named head coach, and I'll chat with a few well known high school coaches about the ingredients and process involved in building a successful football program in Beyond the Whistle.

Enjoy this intro episode, and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to catch the latest updates before next week's first full episode.