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Podcast Episode 2: We talk about creating a culture, and interview Baylor's Matt Rhule

Here's what we have in store on Episode 2 of The FootballScoop Podcast


New Baylor head coach Matt Rhule talks with Zach this week in The Press Box about what drew him to the Baylor job, what he has in store for the Baylor program, and Rhule shares what they'll look like on offense under his watch.


This week, on Beyond the Whistle, I chat with Grapevine HS (TX) head coach Randy Jackson, the author of a new book titled Culture Defeats Strategy: 7 Lessons on Leadership form a Texas High School Football Coachabout the role that culture plays in football, how that role is much different than what it was 20 years ago, why it's so important to successful programs today, and what percentage of a successful season can be attributed to having a great culture, and what percentage is scheme. All that, plus a whole lot more from Jackson.

Next week, as many of us head to the AFCA convention, the culture discussion of the podcast will continue with coach Jackson, as we dig deeper into the ingredients of a successful culture, how resources factor into creating a culture, and the key to how programs with limited resources can still create successful cultures.

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