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PODCAST: Talking Lane Kiffin, LSU and Alabama

Though they haven't come out and said it for obvious reasons, LSU is pursuing Lane Kiffin to serve as Ed Orgeron's offensive coordinator. The Tigers believe they have a good shot of securing Kiffin's services.

This presents a fascinating scenario between the two rivals as Alabama prepares for another College Football Playoff run while LSU gears up to challenge the Tide in the near future. Assuming he takes the job, does Kiffin leave for LSU immediately? What does Alabama do then? What if Kiffin strings LSU along through the end of the Playoff? How does LSU respond?

A division rival trying to poach a championship contender's coordinator during a title run is an unprecedented scenario in the College Football Playoff era, big enough for Scott and I to hold a podcast to discuss all the tentacles encompassing this situation.

For the latest on all things Lane Kiffin and elsewhere in college football, stay tuned to The Scoop.