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Police investigating hazing claims at Virginia

Following a lawsuit filed by a former Cavaliers wide receiver, Virginia has confirmed police are investigating Aidan Howard's claims of harassment and hazing by the football program.

"The University of Virginia places a high priority on the safety and well-being of every member of its community. Specifically, as it relates to Mr. Howard's legal filing, UVA is conducting a thorough investigation that involves several steps in the fact-finding process," a university spokesman told ESPN's Outside the Lines.

The school is also conducting a Title IX investigation into Howard's claims.

Howard says he was forced to fight a fellow freshman football player, leaving him with a broken eye socket, which graduate assistant Famika Anae witnessed, instructing players not to film the fight.

Howard's lawsuit also states he endured bullying over a learning disability, which was condoned by wide receivers coach Marques Hagans. AD Craig Littlepage is named in the suit, but head coach Bronco Mendenhall is not.

Said UVA: "Alleged violations of University policy are investigated to determine appropriate disciplinary and remedial measures, including legal recourse. UVA takes prompt action to provide support services to affected students, review conduct and impose discipline for violations of UVA policy and athletic codes of conduct.

"The University's responses to this particular case are consistent with its approach to ensuring the well-being of our students that include a hazing hotline and its long-standing 'Just Report It' online resource."