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Power Five coach breaks down their recruiting process, step-by-step

Every college football program across the country handles the recruiting process a bit differently, and the recruiting process itself for parents and prospects remains one of the most confusing things out there, flooded with misinformation and with no shortage of people out there offering themselves as experts to guide families through the process for a fee.

So with all that in mind, when

A coach at a power 5 school shared the foundation of their recruiting process. Read and educate yourself on the process. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🏈

— WPIAL Sportsmen (@wpialsportsnews) October 16, 2017

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">WPIAL Sportsmen shared this tweet last night, it's easy to see the value for fellow coaches, and recruits, and parents everywhere. Here's what an anonymous Power 5 school had to share about the foundation of their recruiting process.

Among the things that I think most reading this will find interesting:

#2 -"If we get a bad recommendation from a head coach the kid is automatically off our board."

#5 - "The entire coaching staff meets 3 times per week to make arguments in favor of players they are recruiting to the head coach and position coach."

#7 - "If the head coach and position coach is in agreement to offer the player a call is made to the player extending the offer."

#8 - "After the offer is made we monitor the player daily to make sure his social media is clean."

For coaches, this is great information to compare with your how recruiting process currently works.

For parents and recruits, this is invaluable insight to the inner workings of how an FBS program decides on who gets a scholarship offer, who doesn't, and perhaps most importantly - why that is.