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Pre-Thanksgiving update - Rutgers' search for next head coach

Call it damage control, or whatever you prefer, but within a day of word breaking that Greg Schiano was not expected to reach a deal with Rutgers, director of athletics Pat Hobbs reportedly told the current team he expected to have their new head coach in place within a week.

For Rutgers fans, that clock is ticking; and they aren't so sure they want to know how this search is going to finish out. Yes, it sure feels like there is no joy in New Jersey right now.

Our industry checks the past days have consistently come back with one message: Boy, it sure is going to be tough for whoever takes that job. The thinking is that the damage done by the Schiano debacle will likely keep many if not most of the "big donors" at bay a while, slowing the programs ability to build the necessary resources to compete in the Big Ten. The longer the delay, the more likely the next head coach won't succeed.

Oh, and it also doesn't help that the high school coaches of the state are now hurling trash at the administration.

So, where does Rutgers look now?

Many a local and national reporter has now written that Ohio State co-defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley could be the guy. This one feels like quite a stretch of the imagination to us. Chris Ash (Ohio State's defensive coordinator at the time) took that plunge and failed. Greg Schiano (Ohio State defensive coordinator) sought that out...and failed. Now, why would current Ohio State co-defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley who by all accounts loves Ryan Day step into this mess? Sources tell FootballScoop Hafley is not interested in the job.

Joe Moorhead's season will end Thursday night. We've established why this move would make sense for all parties; but it remains to be seen if Moorhead will pursue the move. Although many question the fit, we understand Joe likes life in Starkville more than people think and he knows his team will be significantly better moving forward. A win over Ole Miss might help him stay in Starkvegas longer than many expected. is reporting Steve Addazio has "expressed a desire to interview for the Rutgers vacancy...and Rutgers officials are also interested in meeting with Addazio." No doubt Rutgers needs some Dudes in order to win, but is this the right time / place for Addazio? Complicating matters is the potential of BC beating Pitt Saturday, which would make them bowl eligible. Timing becomes a problem for all involved at that point (if Addazio is actually a target.)

Michigan defensive assistant Anthony Campanile has been mentioned as a logical target. He's an extremely bright and personable coach. He is probably one of the few guys who could rather quickly get the New Jersey high school coaches to reopen their doors to Rutgers. This one makes a lot of sense; but we hear there has been little (if any) contact here to date. Big game for Michigan coming up....

Hobbs says he'll have his man in the coming days. Let's all hope it is someone who can turn the ship and get Rutgers headed back towards relevancy and beyond.

As always, for the latest coaching job information go directly to The Scoop.

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