There are a number of words and phrases that get thrown around a lot in the coaching community, with “system” being one of the major culprits.

Jason Thier, the defensive coordinator Dickinson State (NAIA – ND) – a perennial top 25 program that last handful of seasons, has developed a legit run fit system after years of ongoing self-scouting of their defensive run fits and what offenses are doing with their run schemes.

In today’s FootballScoop Online Clinic, Thier takes us through the system that they have developed and are teaching to their guys, as well as their adjustments to 2-back offenses.

A few important nuggets I took away from Thier’s clinic:

  • How they use the acronym I.S.I.S to drill their run fits
  • How they handle RPOs by turning the tables on offenses and conflict players
  • The technique they use to attack the QB – RB mesh

See coach Thier’s full talk in the clip.

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