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The Pro Football Hall of Fame is getting a major makeover

The National Football League is exploding with revenue right now, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame is along for the ride.

The Hall announced Tuesday to turn its Canton, Ohio, location into a Hall of Fame Village. The docket includes:

- A renovation to Pro Football Hall of Fame field.

- A "world-class" hotel and conference center

- An Academy of Excellence to cater to the corporate world

- A Center of Athletic Performance & Safety

- Youth football fields

- Retail shops and football-themed restaurants

- Mixed use residences for Hall of Famers and NFL Legends (Does that one seem a little, I don't know, Truman Show-y to anyone else?)

“The concept of Hall of Fame Village aligns with the Hall’s vision for the future,” stated Hall of Fame President David Baker. “The commitment by the Board of Trustees provides the staff the opportunity to begin the next steps recommended in recently completed feasibility studies.”