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A new Pro Football Hall of Fame exhibit will feature holographic Vince Lombardi, George Halas, and Joe Namath


In mid-July, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is introducing a new exhibit that will give people a sense of what it was like to be in the presence of coaching greats Vince Lombardi and George Halas, as well as Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath. There, guests will learn "inspiring lessons learned from the Game that are, in reality, lessons for life."

The new exhibit, being called "A Game For Life," will feature lifelike holograms of the legends that were created in partnership with some cutting edge leaders in the film industry from Immersive Artistry, and includes a team of folks that have played an integral part in a number of Academy Award winning films including HoosiersWe are Marshall, Rudy, and HappyFeet.

The holographs will provide guests with a "dynamic immersive experience of light and sound that will leave you and your family inspired."

The release from the Pro Football Hall of Fame explains a bit more about the experience, and it sounds amazing.

The main set is a space designed to look and feel like an NFL locker room but this one is reserved for Hall of Famers only. It is an intimate space where small groups of Hall of Fame guests will be permitted to enter as silent observers where they will experience an emotional connection through a multitude of elements ranging from physical, visual, sound, and lighting. “A Game for Life” marks the first time a combination of cutting-edge holographic, immersive sound and projection technologies were combined.

An unbelievably real looking holographic figure of Namath will provide an introduction to the presentation. “Broadway Joe” will turn his attention to a “magical chalkboard” where his fellow Hall of Famers will, one-by-one, share their inspiring stories about how the lessons learned from the game have carried them through life. Holographic versions of Halas and Lombardi will enter the locker room and add their motivational messages as if they were addressing one of their championship teams.

The immersive experience, created over months of production in Los Angeles, continues as guests depart the theater. Fans will be enveloped by inspirational words that echo through the exit tunnel designed to feel as if one is about to walk onto an NFL field. A final message of “YOUR Game for Life begins now!” will be displayed as fans depart the tunnel.

If you've ever dreamed of being in a locker room listening to the likes of coaching legends like Halas and Lombardi, this experience with their hologram sounds like the closest we will ever come.

Check out an overview of the experience below, and head here to read more on the new, groundbreaking experience.