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Have a problem with your lineman playing too high? Here's an idea...

LeCharles Bentley has built an impressive empire revolving around offensive line training. He's consulted with programs like Iowa State, and even has a partnership with Ford Trucks.

Here, Bentley takes just 20-seconds to debunk the idea that ladders have a place in your offensive line drills. He brilliantly aims it at guys who have issues with their offensive line playing too high, which is 98% of programs out there - as long as we're being honest with each other.

Players too high in pass pro? Welp, maybe it's those sweet feet ladders that's to blame...🤔🙄.

— LeCharles Bentley (@OLineWorld65) May 24, 2017

"If you want players to move better in actual performance, your movement patterns in non-performance - meaning training, have to mimic what you want to show off in performance."

It's a really simple concept that so many guys don't grasp for one reason or another. It may be aimed at offensive lineman, but the same can be said for their counterparts on defense.