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The proper way to announce your next season's schedule

As football has become our national past-time, Schedule Release Day is now a holiday for the football public. It's the day that all the other days revolve around -- the day you find out when your daughter can schedule her wedding, when your nieces and nephews are allowed to be born.

As such, teams have started treating Schedule Release Day with the grandeur it deserves. The best example from the NFL's schedule release day came from the Atlanta Falcons.

The SEC released its schedule on Wednesday -- not its 2019 slate (duh), but the 2020 schedule.

It's admittedly challenging to get your fans pumped for next season when this season hasn't even started yet, but Mississippi State did as good a job as we've seen in this department.

The most exciting game on Mississippi State's schedule is certainly the Egg Bowl, but the funniest is NC State and the most adorable is definitely Alabama A&M.