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Proposed NCAA rules changes in 2020 including tweaks to targeting and a few other areas

The NCAA has shared the results of their proposed rules committee discussion from earlier today.

Heading into the discussions, Dennis Dodd shared that two of the top concerns for coaches were lineman downfield on RPOs and pass plays, and officials rewarding flopping with penalties.

In a call updating media on the conversations and proposals, a few interesting changes were brought to the table, including (according to Barrett Sallee and Bryan D. Fischer):

  • players ejected for targeting would be allowed to remain in the bench area
  • no more than two players wearing the same number
  • expanding jurisdiction for officials during games from 60 before kickoffs to 90 minutes before kickoff
  • speeding up replay reviews to a two-minute window
  • Adding "0" as a legally recognized number

Faking injuries in situations like a defense faking an injury while a team is playing uptempo was discussed among the committee, but it was decided that the judgement on that should not come from officials, and is instead on coaches to ensure that it doesn't happen.

Overall, it sounds like no major changes brought to the table this year like there has been in recent years, and likely nothing listed above is anything that is going to get significant backlash from the coaching community.

We'll keep everyone updated as more becomes available.