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Protecting your base runs with RPOs with Elkhart HS (IN) head coach Josh Shattuck

As we wrap up the first week of our Online Clinic series, Elkhart HS (IN) head coach Josh Shattuck joined us to kick off Friday's sessions.

In his presentation, coach Shattuck focused on how to protect your base run game with RPOs.

A few personal takeaways from Shattucks's presentation:

  • Some things many coaches overlook with their RPO schemes and philosophy
  • How their personnel year to year plays into what they want to accomplish with their RPO system
  • System to break down your RPO package into field and boundary concepts
  • How he's managed to have ZERO illegal lineman downfield penalties in his time running these RPO concepts
  • How they teach the quarterback to identify the conflict player in the RPO

The first week we've had a lot of quality coaches come on and share some great content on offense, defense, and regarding leadership and culture as well. Head here to see all of the Online Clinic content to date.

Catch coach Shattuck's full RPO presentation below.