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To publicly announce "THE HOKIES ARE BACK" Virginia Tech put together an interesting video...

Before we get into the video, it may help to understand what a "hokie" actually is and where the term came from.

Here is an excerpt from titled "What is a Hokie?":

The answer leads all the way back to 1896 when Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College changed its name to Virginia Polytechnic Institute. With the change came the necessity for writing a new cheer and a contest for such a purpose was held by the student body.

Senior O.M. Stull won first prize for his "Hokie" yell (Old Hokie Cheer below) which is still used today. Later, when asked if "Hokie" had any special meaning, Stull explained the word was solely the product of his imagination and was used only as an attention-getter for his yell. It soon became a nickname for all Tech teams and for those people loyal to Tech athletics.

The HokieBird
The bird is a "HokieBird" which has evolved from a turkey. Virginia Tech teams were once called the "gobblers"!

Now that we've got that out of the way, take a look at the video that Virginia Tech pushed out on Twitter to announce that "THE HOKIES ARE BACK".


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— VT Football (@VT_Football) March 3, 2017

That there is an interesting strategy to say the least...