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QwikGem - Week 8 - Jamall Franklin Jr

High schools across the country have been making the switch to QwikCut and colleges are now accessing video through QwikRecruiting.

At FootballScoop we love both products and hear great feedback from those that have made the move.

Week 8 - QwikGem: Scotlandville Magnet (LA) - Jamall Franklin Jr - Offensive line - class of '23

Verified large man at 6'8, 350. Elite short area quickness for size. Climbs to the second level well. Has shown significant development week after week. If you want them big you have to recruit them big. On twitter Jamall is @_7even5ivee. Coached by @lricard8.

Qwikrecruiting is a FREE resource to all high schools and athletes. Information on prospects including video is included inside of the database that is accessed by colleges across the country. The database is maintained by former college coaches and personnel staff members.

High School coaches, if you have a nomination for a QwikGem, send your nomination to