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The Raiders have found their new General Manager

Adam Schefter shared this morning that the Raiders are hiring Mike Mayock, a NFL Network draft analyst, as their new general manager, noting that an official announcement will be made as early as today.

In addition to his draft analyst duties and hosting the Path to the Draft show, Mayock has also served as a game analyst for NBC's coverage of Notre Dame football for a number of years.

Schefter also shared that Mayock previously interviewed for the Raiders GM job when the franchise was run by Al Davis, and spent part of last summer observing Jon Gruden shortly after Gruden made his return to coaching.

Yesterday NFL Network reporters shared that the Raiders had already interviewed other candidates, including at least one minority, and had met the requirements of the Rooney Rule so a hire could be made when ready.

Mayock has been with the NFL Network dating back to 2004, and prior to that he served as a college football analyst with stops at ABC, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, and ESPN. He has no coaching or other front office experience, but was drafted in the 10th round out of Boston College to play defensive back for the Steelers.

His experience in TV will be an interesting fit with Gruden, who prior to landing the Raiders job this past off season, had been in an analyst and TV personality role since leaving the Buccaneers head coaching position back in 2008.

There have been a few other guys that have made the jump from TV to GM, with mixed results. Matt Millen with the Lions comes to mind, and a more recent example is John Lynch with the 49ers.

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