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The Raiders' proposed Las Vegas stadium looks awfully familiar

The Oakland Raiders want to become the Las Vegas Raiders.

As we've covered previously, getting the Raiders out of the Bay Area and into Las Vegas makes so much sense to so many franchises not to happen. The Niners would like the Bay Area all to themselves. The Rams and Chargers don't want a third southern California team. The Cowboys and Texans don't want them in San Antonio. That's six of the 24 required to approve the move and, as we learned from the Rams' move, the rest of the league does what Jerry Jones tells them to do.

So, there are enough interested parties involved to make this happen. The first step in that process is releasing stadium renderings. Stadium art gives the public something to wrap its collective arms around, which the team, NFL executives and local politicians then use to get the public to wrap around its own neck in the form of 9-figure tax hikes to pay for the stadium. But that's another topic for another day.

As for now.... stadium designs!


Oh, wait a second. Excuse me. That's the wrong stadium.


Yep, the Raiders repurposed the Carson, Calif., proposal and shipped it out to the desert.

Like Carson, who knows if this design actually sees the light of day. But I'm going to go ahead and book an entire floor at the Luxor for late January/early February 2023 anyway.... just in case.