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Photos: After soliciting advice from new LA fans, the Rams have a new uniform design

The Rams made the move from St. Louis to sunny Los Angeles, California this off season, and with the move comes some new uniforms.

Adam Schefter tweeted a peek at the new threads last night.

In an effort to connect with their new fans in LA, the Rams crowdsourced their uniform design a bit by allowing fans to provide some feedback on whether the new uniforms design should feature one or two stripes on the pants and white or navy face masks for the helmets. Over 90,000 fans responded with their opinions in the last 48 hours of voting with a design very similar to their throwback look the team wore from 1964-1972.

The Rams wore a similar helmet design for a throwback look last season, and fans spoke out wanting it to be their permanent look.


Their official website notes that for their first season back in LA, the Rams will wear white uniforms for their home games, instead of the traditional dark colored uniforms the home team normally wears while the away teams wear white.

This may not the be the last of the changes coming to the team, as the team is "currently exploring a full rebrand, including new uniforms that will be unveiled in 2019 to coincide with the opening of the new LA Stadium and Entertainment District at Hollywood Park," the website adds.

See more on the new unis via the Rams official release.