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Randy Clements out as Ole Miss offensive line coach

Randy Clements is out as Ole Miss's offensive line coach, according to an OM Spiritreport on Tuesday. The site reports Clements was "terminated" and that it happened Tuesday morning.

Clements was heading into his second season at Ole Miss, where he also served as run game coordinator.

A longtime lieutenant of the Briles clan, Clements spent 12 seasons as the head power lifting coach, offensive coordinator and offensive line coach at Stephenville High School in Texas. He then followed Art Briles to Houston, where he coached the offensive line.

Clements then followed Art to Baylor, where he coached from 2008 to '16.

Following the breakup of the Briles staff, Clements spent 2017 as the offensive line coach at Southeastern University, an NAIA school in Florida, then spent 2018 with Kendal Briles at Houston. He followed Kendal to Florida State in 2019, and then re-joined Jeff Lebby, Art's son-in-law, at Ole Miss in 2020.

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