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Ranking the top 10 teams according to how much they spend on football

The Wall Street Journal took an interesting look at how the current top 10 teams in the country rank according to how much money the football program spends.

After seven weeks, it's pretty clear that the money spent doesn't mean a thing when it comes to the rankings. None of the top four teams in the AP poll rank among the top ten spending programs in the country, and only one (Ole Miss) falls inside the top 15.

Of the top ten teams, #1 Mississippi State ranks 58th nationally in spending among the entire pool of 65 non power-conference schools (plus Notre Dame). No other program in the top ten ranks below 35th in spending (Baylor).

The top three spending teams (Alabama, Auburn, and Notre Dame) rank #7, #6, and #5, respectively.

Take a look.


(H/T Wall Street Journal)