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Would you rather have a motivated team, or a disciplined team?

Growing up, I remember my father asking me what seemed like a very important question at the time: "Would you rather love to win, or hate to lose?"

In late elementary, or perhaps early middle school, I remember answering I'd rather love to win, but as my dad explained, those that truly hate to lose are often those that work harder and are much more difficult to beat.

When I saw this tweet this morning, I found myself reflecting back on that question from my dad from my youth and I asked myself, is it more important to have a disciplined team, or a motivated one?

Granted, both qualities are ones you want in both your individual players, and the collective team, but I think the second part of McCaw's tweet answers the conundrum.

"Motivation is always fleeting, discipline is a constant that you build."

I'd tend to agree. I think most of us would rather have a disciplined team because in football that means taking care of the ball, not committing silly penalties, and being able to execute the game plan, over being an incredibly motivated team.

I seem to remember a high-profile coach saying a few years ago that if fired-up pregame speeches actually made a difference, then there'd be a lot more motivational speakers going into the coaching profession.

So where do you stand? Discipline, or motivation?