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FootballScoop's most read articles of 2016

As we turn the page from 2016 to 2017 officially, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at our most read articles from the last calendar year.

Combined, the ten articles below easily eclipse the 1 million views mark and range from serious topics like Dabo explaining America's "sin problem," to the importance of high school football, to some fun and informative articles as part of our new #TheTimeout series on topics like signs you've found the ideal coach's wife, life lessons you learn playing the offensive line, and some things college coaches want high school players to understand about playing at the next level.

As the page turns to 2017, we're excited to continue to roll out thoughtful, engaging, and timely content for our loyal viewers (as well as attracting new ones), and continuing to build on the site that coaches, and fans come to daily for their football fix.

Dabo Swinney: “It’s so easy to say we have a race problem, but we got a sin problem.”

1 -Dabo Swinney: “It’s so easy to say we have a race problem, but we got a sin problem.”


">Dabo Swinney: "It's so easy to say we have a race problem, but we got a sin problem"

2 -Pete Carroll opens the door for Washington to come scrimmage his Seahawks to prepare for Alabama


3 -10 signs that you've found the ideal coach's wife


4 -The 6 most important life lessons you play by playing offensive line


5 -A tweet directed at us sparked an interesting discussion about professionalism


6 -Bruce Arians: "People that wouldn't let their sons play football are fools"


7 -Nick Saban: "Young people have the illusion of choices. But if you want to be good, you have no choices"


8 -A very successful high school coach shares a message that's spot on for players who skip workouts.


9 -8 things that college coaches want HS recruits who are serious about playing college football to understand


10 - TEDx Talk - "Why we need high school football"


A few others also worth noting include; Parent fights football coach over son's playing time, 6 things that college coaches actually look for in a recruiting highlight, a former high school teacher makes a case for why football is the "best taught subject in American high schools" and video of Nick Saban going off on Paul Finebaum.