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Really, Ohio State? Really?


Ohio Stadium has always been one of the most intimidating atmospheres in college football. I remember the buildup to the 2005 Texas-Ohio State game and repeatedly reading how no one ever won .... in the Shoe ... at night. The Longhorns won that game, but the Horseshoe's status as one of the game's most rambunctious atmospheres remains intact.

Given that reputation, Ohio State fans have been known to cross the line from rowdy to dangerous a time or three, so the Buckeyes have launched a program that allows fans to report unruly fans to security through their cell phones. We're all for a safe stadium environment, right? Here is a screenshot of the new protocol in full, via WBNS-TV in Columbus. Read the third sentence carefully.

AA Ohio State tattle

I'm hoping no one actually gets kicked out of Ohio Stadium for excessive standing, or we'll have to change Ohio State's name to Nanny State. 

(I will now show myself out.)

Update: Much to the delight of Shelley Meyer, standing is still allowed in the Horseshoe.

(via CBS Sports)