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Recognition for women in football

Today Sports Illustrated introduced their list of outstanding women in sports, "The Unrelenting." The collection of incredible women is truly awe-striking. The women on this list have different job titles: athlete, athletic director, executive, coach, member of the media and more, but what they do have in common is an unabashed desire to set the standard high and pave the way for the next woman.

This list includes the next generation of trendsetting, record-breaking, pioneering women: women in football. Women being in coaching positions and even reporting positions is relatively new. These women set the standard for inclusion, diversity and new thoughts within the arena of football. Women having roles in not just athletics but specifically, football, will only continue to grow the sport that we know and love.

Julie Donaldson, Samantha Gordon, Samantha Rapoport, Nicole Lynn, Laura Okmin and Odessa Jenkins are women on this list that are actively involved in world of football. They each have incredible stories and passion for the game.

This season alone we have witnessed women in football history, like when three women were on the field at an NFL game in an official capacity or that some NFL teams have hired women for the first time in franchise history.

Women in football, I see you and I am inspired by you.