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Recruit creates his own Monopoly board to announce his college decision


This past off season, we've seen recruits introduce some crazy ways to announce their college destinations. It all seemed to reach a whole new level when one recruit made his announcement by pulling a bus, then the nation's #1 kicker short music video on a private jet to let the world know where he was headed. Some recruits have even teamed up with Bleacher Report for a more professional look.

Now, the ante has been raised even further, as Rockhurst HS (KS) athlete AJ Taylor decided to make his announcement with a custom made Monopoly board, dubbed COLLEGEOPOLY - AJ Taylor Edition for the big event.

Apparently Monopoly was a favorite game in the house as Taylor grew up, so incorporating it into his announcement seemed appropriate.

The custom game board had schools that had offered him in place of properties, "chance cards". and green houses and red hotels, just like the real Monopoly game. Taylor staged a bit of a game for a little while, placing houses on several schools that he was considering including Northwestern and Missouri, but when he drew a chance card that said "Advance to the College of Your Choosing" the gig was up, and Taylor advanced to the Wisconsin spot on the board to announce his selection.

There is clearly no limit to the creativity of recruits, so what's going to be next?

(H/T Randy Withers)