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Recruit shows up at Auburn wearing nothing but Tennessee gear, gets asked to leave

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Recruiting season is in full gear, and the folks at Rocky Top Insider have one for the annals.

Preston Williams, a wide receiver out of Hampton, Ga., is committed to Tennessee but took an official visit to Auburn over the weekend. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

But, according to Rocky Top Insider, Williams arrived with something on his mind beside whether or not he wanted to play for Auburn. "We are hearing that Williams was actually asked to leave by Auburn staff members because he showed up wearing nothing but Tennessee apparel and was actively recruiting other visitors to join him at Tennessee," writes the site.

First of all, I'm sure Williams is far from the first recruit to go on an official visit with ulterior motives. But if you're going to wear the black hat and serve as a sleeper agent for the school you're committed to, isn't there a better way of doing it than outing yourself immediately with a daisy orange wardrobe?

Coaches, how do you handle this? Do you send the kid home immediately or try to diffuse the situation in another way?

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