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Referee ejected from JuCo game for throwing punch, clipboard at coach

Sept 30th update> New video has been released.

Original post>

It's been a fall full of player-on-referee violence - thankfully, so far, limited to the high school level. We've seen it in Texas and Tennessee, along with ugly player-on-player incidents in California and New Jersey. But here's one we'd yet to see until this weekend - a referee punching a coach in the face.

That's what happened at a game between East Mississippi Community College and Itawamba Community College on Saturday. Note East Mississippi leads 31-3 at the time.

These tweets fill in what goes unseen from the video. We'll pick it up from the start:

Then some confusion arised whether the official threw a punch or a clipboard.

Turns out it was both.

This note sums it up.

Wait, no. This sums it up:

East Mississippi won the game, 48-24.

(HT CBS Sports, Barstool Sports)