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This is the A&M regent that wants to fire Kevin Sumlin. He just bought a $600K tank.

A long time ago, way before a racist letter was sent to his house and prosecution of said letter began, Texas A&M regent Tony Buzbee posted a rant to Facebook about how he'd like Kevin Sumlin to be fired. Oh, wait. That was only a week and a half ago? Seems much longer.

Tony Buzbee gave an interview to the Houston Chronicle after that rant went viral in which he in no way walked back his comments, and after watching this you'll start to believe that Buzbee may be a fan of the Aggies, but he's an even bigger fan of attention.

You see, Tony Buzbee is rich. How rich? He just paid $600,000 to acquire an authentic World War II tank and he'd like you to know about it.

"Had we not won that war, this would be a completely different country," Buzbee said as he stood before his tank, which he described as "f*ckin' cool as sh*t.""Now we celebrate our right to speak and our right to have a tank in our front yard."

This is your life as a major college football coach. Your fate is divided equally between two groups. The first group is teenage boys, a demographic with the attention span and restraint roughly equal to a golden retriever puppy in a room full of butterflies. And the other is guys like Tony Buzbee, who have so much money that they plunk down $600,000 on a tank because it reminds them of playing G.I. Joes as a kid.

Anyway, I hope you beat Louisiana-Lafayette on Saturday, Coach. Otherwise you may see Mr. Buzbee and his sunglasses rolling his M4 Sherman right up Highway 6 and straight into your living room.