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Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Meet this year's new charity sensation

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? We on this site like to think we got in on the ground floor of the trend that monopolized your timeline last summer, and now it's time for a new make-yourself-memorable-for-a-good-cause trend - and it involves egg.

Borrowing the same premise from the Ice Bucket Challenge, Rhode Island's football team partook in the Egg Crack Challenge for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Yep, it's exactly what it sounds like.

The Rams were challenged by a 11-year-old fan Matt Tokarski, a sufferer of Type I diabetes. Head coach Jim Fleming invited Tokarski and his mother, Kate, to a recent practice, where they presented Matt with an honorary jersey and honored his request by cracking eggs on their foreheads.

After watching that, one may need to wash down the Egg Crack Challenge with a little Ice Bucket Challenge.