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Renderings: A first look at Colorado State's new stadium has been revealed


New Colorado State athletic director Joe Parker was officially announced to the Board of Governors this afternoon, and quickly turned the focus away from him an onto the brand new renderings of the new stadium project that the athletic department has undertaken.

Planned to open for the 2017 season, this is the third stadium project that Parker has had his hand in since entering athletic administration, so - as he explained to the Board of Governors - this is not a new experience for him.

"I've been involved in three stadium projects - the University of Texas, the University of Oklahoma and the University of Michigan - and at the conclusion of all three there was an overwhelmingly positive response from the communities. It's an engagement opportunity, a chance to engage with current students, our alumni and the community, and you don't get with an off-campus facility."

Parker noted that a lot of legwork was done with the design and architecture teams to make sure the stadium really blended in nicely with campus. Earlier this week, the university got a guaranteed price tag of no more than $220 million for the stadium, according to The Coloradoan 

The overall look is very modern, and should be something that Mike Bobo and the CSU fans will be really excited about opening up in to kick off 2017.

The video below with Parker presenting the plans to the Board has a few of the renderings, which can also be seen in further detail here.