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Report: AFCA endorses new transfer model

According to a tweet from Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News, the AFCA has endorsed a new transfer model in which an undergraduate player would sit out a year in residence upon transferring -- as is the case now -- but then be given that year of eligibility back at the end of his career provided he graduates from the new school.

The proposal would allow redshirted players to transfer without sacrificing a year of eligibility. A redshirt sophomore would have to sit out his junior year after transferring from School A to School B, but then would be given that year back in the form of a second senior year, as long as he graduates from School B.

The endorsement is another player-friendly move the AFCA has made under Todd Berry. The most prominent such endorsement is the proposal that would allow players to compete in up to four games in a season without losing their redshirt status, a rule Berry strongly campaigned for but has since been tabled by the NCAA.

The endorsement also comes as the NCAA is looking to liberalize its transfer rules by no longer requiring a coach's permission for an athlete to receive financial aid at a new institution.