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Report: Baylor reaches contract settlement with Art Briles

As of yesterday, it appeared Baylor was in for a long, bitter struggle with former head coach Art Briles in deciding just how much of the roughly $40 million remaining on Briles' contract would end up in his bank account.

Briles's attorneys indicated in court the coach had no intention of settling a suit in which he was named a co-defendant alongside his former employer brought forward by one of former Bears linebacker Tevin Elliott's former victims. Elliott is now in the midst of a 20-year prison sentence for rape, and the woman alleges Briles and Baylor knew of Elliott's violent history before he assaulted the woman and yet did nothing to stop it.

Briles disputed the claim -- strongly -- while throwing words like "wrongful termination," "slander" and "libel" toward Baylor.

So, yeah, the Briles-Baylor marriage seemed headed toward a fantastically bitter divorce. And it probably still is. But it appears the two sides won't be fighting over money.

We will update this post as more information comes out.

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