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Report: Big Ten proposed letting every player transfer and play immediately

The Big Ten issued a proposal that would allow every football player to transfer and play immediately, according to Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports.

The proposal, which went undetected through the NCAA's legislative system until now, has been tabled would not go into effect until 2021, as the NCAA has currently tabled all new legislation pertaining to transfers.

The Big Ten originally issued two proposals, one that would let all players execute a 1-time transfer without sitting a year, and another that would let no players transfer without sitting a year. The attempt, obviously, would be to rid big-time college sports of the waiver-ridden reality, where players are required to sit a year upon transfer... unless you're a graduate... unless you have a particular hardship at home... unless you have the money to hire Tom Mars... or unless you meet any one of the other numerous exceptions the NCAA seems to grant or deny on a whim.

The Big Ten eventually dropped the second proposal, believing letting all college athletes transfer one time with no questions asked. (Second transfers would all be required to sit a year, no exceptions.)

Michigan AD Warde Manuel and head coach Jim Harbaugh have publicly supported the waiver, as has MAC commissioner Jon Steinbrecher.

"Clearly, there is a concern over the waiver process," Steinbrecher said. "There is a lack of predictability. For an array of reasons, it can't be transparent -- legal and otherwise."

Presently, athletes in all college sports except the big five -- football, men's and women's basketball, baseball and hockey -- can transfer and play immediately. This is an attempt to let everyone -- players across sports, coaches competing against one another -- exist on a level playing field.

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