Rutgers head coach Chris Ash is expected to return as head coach for the 2019 season reports Keith Sargeant of Sargeant cites two people familiar with the decision-making who say, “unless something changes in the next five days, there’s no way Ash isn’t coming back.”

Had the University decided to terminate Ash’s contract they would have owed him a buyout of just approximately $10 million…money the trustees of the University said they simply don’t have to spend on a buyout. The $10 million buyout was added in the extension the University gave Ash after last season’s 4-8 showing. Ash is under contract through the 2022 season.

The Scarlet Knights are 1-10 this season, 0-8 in Big Ten play. In Ash’s three seasons as head coach Rutgers has won two, four and now one game.

Ash recently said he is excited that offensive coordinator John McNulty will return for 2019.

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