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Report: Colleges looking into playing the "season" this Summer

Sports Business Journal's Michael Smith has rolled out an interesting report today.

Smith, reports that some administrators have been pondering if the best shot to get a "college football season" in this year would be to play this Summer.

Smith writes:

Amid a growing concern that the college football season could be pushed back, or even canceled, an alternative could come into play -- moving the season up to July, August and September, writes SBJ’s Michael Smith. Every other scenario has the season starting later in the fall, at a time when the coronavirus could be returning for another round of infections as the cool weather returns and a vaccine most likely unavailable until 2021. But staging an abbreviated college football season in the summer presents an opportunity to play games when the warm weather could help prevent the spread of the virus.

Smith offers a number of thoughts and issues involved, closing with this:

How would a season work? It would almost have to be conference games only. Teams could start with a June mini-camp, July training camp and eight or nine games in August and September with no postseason. 

We encourage you to read the full report on Sports Business Daily here.

Tip of the cap to John Ourand.

FootballScoop Update> After publishing this piece several coaches and administrators reached out to us to say they haven't heard this discussed at all. The logistics alone would be incredible. Will update if we hear more.

We attempted to be polite above. Pat Forde just spoke the truth...

And now Bruce Feldman is following up saying the same as FootballScoop and Forde....