Chuck Pagano

The Indianapolis Colts plan to fire Chuck Pagano as head coach, reported Mike Wells of ESPN on Thursday.

Pagano is 40-23 in four seasons with three AFC South championship and three playoff wins, including an appearance in the AFC Championship just 11 months ago. The Colts sit at 7-8 this season and one game away from a fourth straight division championship — while playing much of the season without Andrew Luck.

But when you’re on the outs with management¬†in the NFL, management¬†will often push you outside the building. (See: Kelly, Chip.)

“I will fight my ass off to be the coach here,” Pagano said Wednesday. “I’m worried about Tennessee right now. But do I want to be the coach here? Yes.”

With the move, the Colts would become the fourth NFL franchise to make a coaching change during the 2015-16 cycle.

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