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Report: Decision to cut UAB football came in September


In the weeks and months since UAB's Dec. 2 announcement to cancel its football, rifle and women's bowl programs, university president Ray Watts has maintain the final decision was not made until November. According to documents obtained by Kevin Scarbinsky of, Watts has been lying through his teeth.

The documents show that the decision had been made as early as Septembrer and that the school was working in conjunction with CarrSports Consulting and a public relations firm named Sard Verbinnen & Co. on a plan that would have head coach Bill Clark and athletics director Brian Mackin informing players and coaches as early as Sept. 17.

The announcement was ultimately delayed until December due to fears of a player mutiny. A Sept. 5 memo stated that, "if not effectively managed, it is conceivable that UAB would not be able to field a competitive team - or any team." There were also concerns players "may react very badly if an announcement is made during the season."

You think?

This is a very, very bad look for Watts and consultant Bill Carr. Watts' name was frequently mentioned - immediately preceded by the word "fire" - during UAB's run through the NCAA Tournament run over the weekend. Carr, who lists Texas, Auburn, Tennessee, North Carolina and (gulp) UAB among his head coaching search clients, will now have to sell himself to prospective future clients while also being known as the guy who helped UAB kill its football program - and then cover it up for three months.

Read the full report here.

Update: Alabama state representative Jack Williams has joined the chorus calling for Williams' resignation. "It clearly shows the decision had been made in spring or early summer to kill the program," Williams told ESPN Monday. "The president is lying to the board, faculty, students and the community at large ... I call for Dr. Watts to resign."