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First FBS program has decided to cancel their season

The school has now announced the news.

According to a report from Mark Blaudschun this morning, UConn has decided to cancel their 2020 football season.

Pete Thamel is now reporting the same.

If this becomes official, the Huskies would be the first FBS program to cancel their season amid the COVID pandemic.

UConn made the decision to leave the AAC and go independent back in July of 2017. That decision not only left them with a hefty $17 million price to pay, but with most conferences opting to play an only conference schedule, it made it increasingly difficult for UConn to move forward with their schedule with six games officially cancelled as of early this morning.

Below is a look at UConn's planned 2020 schedule, courtesy of FBS schedules.

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 8.12.53 AM