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Report: Georgia reaches a decision on high school football

The state of Georgia will delay the start of its high school football season but keep it in the fall, according to multiple reports on Monday. A formal announcement is expected soon.

The season will now begin on Sept. 4 with a 10-game regular season and a 5-round playoff bracket, according to the reports.

Georgia originally announced back on July 3 it would not alter the schedule, which would have seen camps open a week from today with games beginning on Aug. 21.

A head of Monday's highly-anticipated Georgia High School Association board meeting, GHSA president Glenn White said he did not support any plan that would cancel high school athletics.

"Do people have proposals? My goodness, yes, all kinds of proposals," White told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "Mine is this: I’m OK with any proposal as long as it’s not canceling the seasons. I’m adamantly against canceling athletics, and I mean all the things we do in the fall – softball, cheerleading, cross country, volleyball. I want all these things for our students. I want to give them some normal routine and something to focus on besides COVID-19."

White told the paper he did not expect a formal decision until GHSA executive director Robin Hines meets with the state's sports medicine advisory committee on Wednesday.

Georgia's decision mirrors that of North and South Carolina, which will see their seasons remain in the fall on a delayed schedule. Earlier today, California announced its season will not begin until December at the earliest.

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