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Report: Gus Malzahn close to accepting changes to his contract to remain at Auburn

According to 247, Gus Malzahn is "on the verge of accepting a reduced buyout," among some other considerations to remain on board to lead the program in 2019. No agreement has been finalized, and changes remain possible, the report states.

The report also shares the following regarding changes to his coaching staff:

"Any coaching staff moves would have to be revenue neutral, effectively removing the possibility of paying buyouts for assistant coaches and assuring Chip Lindsey would remain as offensive coordinator unless he chooses to leave.

This past off season, Malzahn and Auburn came to an agreement on a 7-year deal worth $49 million, with three-quarters of it guaranteed.

Yesterday, a report came to light suggesting that Malzahn's job may not be safe after all after finishing the season 7-5.

Making a move on Malzahn now would cost the school about $32 million, with $15 million of that due within 30 days, and the rest would be paid out in four installments.

Head here to read the full piece from 247.

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