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Report: HBO has chosen four college programs for a Hard Knocks type show

According to a report by Devils Digest (yes, THAT outlet from the Herm Edwards introductory presser), HBO has chosen four programs to do a college themed Hard Knocks style show later on this season.

Before we get to who the other three programs (other than Arizona State, obviously) are, take a moment to have some fun and make a wish list of who you'd like to see. If you're like most folks, chances are one or two of them will also be featured.

Okay. The other programs chosen? Penn State, Washington State, and Alabama. Quite the lineup sure to attract a diverse demographic of viewers.

Now a lot of other folks have tried their hands at the Hard Knocks style, and each time it seems unimpressive. Maybe it's the access that HBO manages to get, or their brilliant production team, but no one else that tries seems to match what HBO is willing to do.

Lots of folks have been pounding the table for Hard Knocks on a college campus, and the expectations will be high, but while I think Mike Leach will crush the opportunity, Herm and his squad will surely be entertaining, and James Franklin is great in front of the camera, I think most people are hesitant about how far Nick Saban is really going to pull back the curtain on The Process behind the Alabama powerhouse. Even if it's just a small peek, it should be worthwhile to coaches and fans alike.

Time will tell if it will live up to the expectations, but there will be no shortage of hype around it for sure.

PM Update >> When asked about the possibility of Washington State being one of the teams chosen for the show after practice, Mike Leach shared that they're simply in talks with HBO and nothing has been finalized.

We'll update when HBO, or individual programs, make an official announcement.