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Report: Hugh Freeze has been offered the Florida job


SB Nation is reporting, citing sources, that Hugh Freeze has an offer in hand to become the next head coach at Florida.

Per the report, Florida is offering Freeze between $4.2 and $4.3 million annually to become their new head coach. Will Muschamp was making right below $3 million and Freeze was currently making $3 million; but Ole Miss athletic director had already made it clear publicly that he was working on a revised package for Freeze.

SB Nation says that Bjork is working on a new deal for Freeze "somewhere near the $4 million range".

To us at FootballScoop it would seem a bit unusual for Florida to put an offer into a coach's hands and then hope he accepts. Just seems a bit off.

When comparing $4 M to $4.3 M...there really is no difference. If the report is accurate, this isn't about economics. This is about what your priorities in life are. For Freeze, is it about reaching the pinnacle of the profession or is about about family and being proud of who you are and where you are from and what you stand for? Everything Hugh does publicly would lead you to believe he's thrilled to be the head coach in his home state (and darn near his hometown). Does he have a burning desire to win it all? Sure. Can he do that at Ole Miss? You bet. Might it be a bit easier at Florida? Yeah, probably; but is he willing to change who he is to achieve that goal? I don't know; but I don't think so. My gut tells me Hugh will sign an extension at Ole Miss; but my gut doesn't have a vote here. I haven't spoken directly with Hugh on this so I can't tell you exactly what he is thinking.

As always, we'll keep you posted on The Scoop as this all plays out.

Monday AM Update>>Florida has released a statement saying that "they have made no job offers to anyone and reports claiming that are false."