The Ivy League is considering pushing its 2020 football season to the spring, according to a report Monday from Mark Blaudschun of TMG Sports.

The news here isn’t necessarily that the Ivy League is considering a spring season — surely, hidden somewhere in Greg Sankey’s desk are the blueprints for a spring SEC season — but the Ivies propensity to act on them.

Two private colleges within the Ivy footprint — Bowdoin and Williams colleges — have announced they will not play fall sports, even though both schools will have at least some students on campus.

The Ivy League is also reportedly considering playing this fall, with an abbreviated, conference-only 7-game season that would begin in late September and conclude before November.

This would not vary too greatly from a standard Ivy League season, which does not include a postseason element and wraps up the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

If pushed to the spring, the Ivy’s season would begin with pre-season practices in March and games in April and May.

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