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Report: Ivy League shutting down spring practices amid coronavirus concerns

3/12/20 Update >>The FCS Patriot League has also announced that they will join the Ivy League in cancelling spring practices.

The Ivy League has made the decision to shut down spring practices.

Bruce Feldman tweets that the plan, as of today, is for the Ivy League to end their practices and resume them on April 5th.

Over the past few days, we've covered the impact that the coronavirus may have on sporting events, including the upcoming NCAA basketball tournaments where fans are bound to criss-cross the country to watch their teams compete.

The Ivy League is widely considered to be ahead of the curve with a lot of things, including their decision back in 2016 to eliminate live tackling from football practices during the regular season, and experimenting with kickoffs from the 40 in 2016 as well.

This afternoon, the NCAA provided an update on COVID-19, saying that neither their advisory panel of COVID-19 experts and leading experts in the field have advised against holding their scheduled sporting events.

Is this just the beginning of the coronavirus impact on college football? Only time will tell...

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